Found: the cheapest way to buy college textbooks

Students are spending hundreds of dollars on textbooks? Sometimes over a grand per semester! Students need to be able to quickly locate the cheapest textbooks available. There are a lot of college textbook sellers on the internet. Here are some cheap textbook shopping tips.

Tips to finding the cheapest way to buy textbooks:

  • International Textbooks – one of the cheapest sources for textbooks is to buy international editions. These are textbooks printed for use outside the US. The content is identical but the cover and pages are lighter stock. Sometime the images are black & white but for the meat of the content you can not beat international editions. Find cheap international edition textbooks.
  • Textbook Rental – renting college textbooks has become one of the most popular and affordable ways to get your needed textbooks. Many times you will find rentals are the cheapest textbooks available depending on the used textbook inventory. It is best to comparison shop before making a buying decision. Find the cheapest college book rental sites.
  • PDF Textbooks – there are a number of universities that have released public access textbooks as well as many sources for PDF publications, many free. It might just be worth the time to do a few inquiries to see what textbooks are available in PDF for your course material. How to find college textbooks in PDF.
  • Used textbooks – the cost of college textbooks have risen the highest of all the college costs. The great thing about buying used textbooks is that you can usually sell them when you are done with them. When comparing  buying vs renting, you should consider that if you buy them, you can also sell it when you are done with it. Find the cheapest book prices on textbooks
  • eBooks – an eTextbook, also known as a digital textbook or an online textbook is an electronic version of a published textbook. eTextbooks are very portable and can be carried on a laptop or e-reader making it convenient for students to carry their full course load on them. eTextbooks are usually sold as a rental, but in digital form.
  • Barrow it – often overlooked are the free options. Check out the library, most college libraries reserve a limited stock of coursebooks. Also check with your professors, many have a small quantity of the required course material they lend out.
  • Shop it – no one location, media, format or source is always the cheapest. An intentional edition may be the best for one book but rentals are cheapest for another textbook. New, Used, eBook, rental should all be checked to see who is the absolute cheapest for each textbook. The competition to get your textbook dollars is fierce and you need to take advantage of this. You need a tool to help you help you find the cheapest price for each and every one of your college textbooks. Textbook price comparison shows where is the best place to buy college textbooks.